Spotify, Part II

Spotify announced today that they’ll be launching a free playlist-based product for mobile devices, with an eye towards increasing user trial and adoption.

For smartphones, you can access all of your precompiled playlists, as well as use the Shuffle product. However, you can not perform unlimited search and listen queries.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about Spotify Mobile Playlists which called for very nearly the same thing:

Can Spotify have its advertisers curate (and pay for) playlists, which I can listen to or even temporarily download for free for a period of time?

Let’s say Pitchfork, or heck, even Harley Davidson, now let me download a playlist which I could listen to for a week. Instead of ads after every other song, build in liner notes. … Bits are catered so that they’re both relevant to the sponsor and to the music, so that all of a sudden the ads aren’t an apologetic interruption to the listening experience.

Chalk another one up to the “I love it when I’m right” column.


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