Basketball Sucks [Revisited]

An old favorite post of mine: Basketball Sucks. It’s among the most popular all time posts on my humble little blog.

I wrote:

…for reasons I completely fail to understand (and have no hopes of ever grasping), sometimes when you call a timeout, your team gets to pass the ball inbounds from halfway up the court. So if the other team sinks what should be a game-winning shot, you’re allowed to set your team up within reasonable range of the basket to make what should be an impossible shot – simply because you’ve called timeout.  There’s no way this rule can be founded in our common understanding of logic.

Recently (just over two years later!), Chuck Klosterman made the very same observation in a feature piece on Grantland.

Says Chuck:

I’m obsessed with the fact that — following a timeout, late in any game — teams can automatically move the ball to half court…There’s nothing else like it — it’s the only statute that suggests time and space don’t matter. A team calls a timeout 94 feet from the basket, and it suddenly gets the ball 47 feet from the goal. It would be like the rules committee in baseball deciding that any runner on first base can automatically advance to second if there are two outs in the ninth inning, or like if the NFL decreed that touchbacks inside the two-minute warning instantly moved the pigskin to the 50.

I love it when I’m right.

Followups: 3D and CollegeHumor

Two things that I nailed perfectly:

  1. Here is me explaining why 3D is the most miserable experience in the movie universe, and here is Roger Ebert adding science and explaining why 3D will never work, period.
  2. Here is me observing that CollegeHumor is rapidly outgrowing its moniker, and here is Sam Reich, one of the highest ranking officers in the CH food chain, commenting and confirming the fact.

I love always being right.